Make an Easy Credit Card Application and Get Approved Online

If you’ve failed to comply with the terms of past credit agreements during the last 7-years, your history of bad credit will be revealed by a simple credit check by the issuing bank. Adverse credit represents risk and that’s why your applications are being declined by so many of the leading issuers.

When you’ve been rejected for credit due to a poor credit history, you want to make an easy credit card application where approval is 100% guaranteed. There are several types of easy to get credit cards, it’s just a matter of selecting the “right” issuer for your underlying requirements.

Unsecured Easy to Get Credit Cards for a Bad Credit History

While there are several unsecured easy credit cards to get approved for on the market, you’ll need to accept that the terms of borrowing aren’t going to be as favorable as they used to be. They typically have a $250 credit limit and higher initial charges or interest rates.

First Premier Bank platinum credit card: This offers you a guaranteed $250 limit with the opportunity for an increase after just 6-months. However, an analysis of the fees and charges reveals that the card leaves you with just $71 of credit. This means that signing-up leaves you $179 in debt. It’ll help you fix your credit, but the issuer isn’t taking any chances here.

Make a Secured Easy Credit Card Application Online

It’s natural for people to want unsecured easy credit card approval, but the drawbacks are there to be seen. It makes far more sense to apply for a secured credit card. The provision of collateral or a cash deposit reduces the risk faced by the issuer so you get to enjoy a lower APR and higher credit limit.

Applied Bank Secured MasterCard: After paying a minimum of $200 onto your card, you’ll benefit from an interest rate of just 9.99% APR. There is a $50 annual fee and a $35 charge for late payment. Purchases made abroad will incur a 1% transaction fee.

Pre-paid Cards are the Easiest Credit Cards to Get Approved for

When you’ve experienced debt and money problems in the past, is borrowing extra money really such a good idea? Rather than borrowing money, sign-up to a pre-paid credit card and load your own funds onto the card in exchange for a small fee. That way you can never get into debt.

Kalixa Pre-paid MasterCard : After paying your £4.95 application fee, there are no additional monthly charges or transaction fees. You load money onto your card in return for a 1.95% fee. You can only choose pound sterling so its only suitable for the UK. Easy credit card application process.

What’s the Best Easy Credit Card to Get with Bad Credit

Avoid making an unsecured credit card application due to the high charges and a low initial limit. This renders the card expensive and impractical. Secured cards are a much better option because you get a higher credit limit which helps those who are seeking to fix credit scores.

If you’ve experienced money problems in the past and still don’t think that you’ve got your spending under control, it’s probably advisable to stay away from conventional cards. As well as being one of the easiest credit cards to get approved for, a pre-paid card will help you manage your finances more effectively.

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